Local sailing clubs

Oak Flats Sailing Club

Port Kembla Sailing Club

The Illawarra Yacht Club

Wollongong Model Yacht Club

Wollongong Yacht Club

Sailing associaition websites

Paper Tiger Catamaran International Association

Australian Paper Tiger Catamaran Association

NSW Paper Tiger Catamaran Associaition

Windrush and Prindle Catamaran Association of NSW

Australian Radio Yachting Association

NSW Radio Yachting Association

Sailing autoritiy websites

International Sailing Federation

Yachting Australia

Yachting NSW

Sailing forums

Paper Tiger Catamaran International Association



Sailing shops

Yacht Shop - Northcliffe Drive, Warrawong



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Sailing Associations

   Association websites are an excellent 
source of class specific information.


 Share your sailing knowledge and experiences 
 and draw on others.